Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are conservative Mennonites doing in Hampden?

It's because we live here, Hon. Seriously, we are teachers, nurses, school administrators and technicians. We are your neighbors.

2.  Well, what is a conservative Mennonite?

We are Christians who endeavor to follow Jesus and His example as described in the Bible.

3.  Is there anything that makes you unique?

There are two things that make us different than most churches. They are a part of what we do to make our church more like the example that Jesus gave:

Nonresistance--God wants to show love in all of our relationships, including people who do not show love to us in return. This means that we must show love to all, and not retaliate when someone hurts us. We are not to seek revenge, even when we are wronged. This requires us to renounce violence in all forms, both personal and national. We do not participate in military service or war.

Nonconformity--We believe that everyone serves someone, and that there are two possibilities. You can either serve materialism, which results in serving the ultimate ruler of the world, the devil or Satan, or through faith and obedience you can serve Christ. Thus, there are two opposing kingdoms to which men give their spiritual allegiance, the kingdom of Christ and that of Satan. Making no choice actually represents a choice not to serve Christ. Those who belong to Satan's kingdom live for self, and refuse the obedience of faith. The kingdom of Christ is composed of those who have been born again and who have entered into faith in Christ.

As you expect, people who are part of the kingdom of Christ seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in all they do. We are called to show love to others no matter how different they are from us, to avoid things harmful to our bodies, such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and to dress in a simple and modest manner. It also means that we treat all we own as ultimately belonging to God. In other words, we do not conform to the expectations of the culture around us, but conform to the example that the Bible holds forth as ideal.

4.  Where are your horses and buggies?

We understand that a Mustang was sighted on our parking lot, but it did not belong to any of us. The most frequent transportation you will see us in is a minivan, since a number of us have large families. A number of us do not own any vehicle due to the convenience of urban living. If you have a horse and buggy and you would like to attend, we would be glad to have you. Please let us know ahead of time, however, so that there is somewhere to tie your horse.

5.  So are you Amish?

No, we are not Amish, but we share similar theological roots with the Amish. If you would like us to explain, you would need to pay us a visit.  We would be happy to explain.

6.  Is it ok to visit your church?

Absolutely. I, the author of this F.A.Q., was a visitor once. We welcome visitors and have prepared a “What to Expect,” in case you do not like surprises. If you would like to sit next to someone who will explain what is occurring, please ask. You should not really need this, however, as our services are deliberately kept simple. Normally, we sing some hymns (generally without instruments), have Sunday School classes and listen to a message from the Bible.

This page was last updated December 31, 2019.